Commercial Locksmith Services

Key Control is a security concern for several businesses and the problem is intense when you are not aware who has the keys. This is sure to snap your night’s sleep as you are not sure you will have everything intact the next day. Hiring us, Locksmith Montgomery Village MD, is the right choice, if you are residing in this area. This is because we can offer the required installation and repair, besides the keys. In commercial locksmith service there is always an exit door and so installation of exit devices is a must in respect to security.

Hiring us is helpful as our locksmiths will assess your commercial place and recommend you the right type of safety or security device to be installed, if your commercial place lacks one. Our locksmiths can equip your door with a panic bar and this is useful even if there is a fire and the door to exit will open allowing the person to gain exit. We offer locks that offer the benefits of a panic bar and also provide the deadbolt security, thus maintain the egress of the emergency requirements. We handle right from rectifying your key to making duplicate key and installing high end security devices.